Thank you so much for your support in regards to the stickers, I truly appreciate it and I'm excited to be working on more designs - including the little corgi pup which will be available as paper finish stickers this weekend and matt vinyl as soon as the new stock of vinyl arrives. Because of this, I've been able to lower the prices a bit and everyone who had already placed an order have (or will, if you haven't already) receive a discount code or refund for the remaining amount :)

Most of the stickers are also available through Etsy, if you prefer shopping over there - but the prices are 0,20$ higher due to the additional fees that come with having an Etsy shop.

Also, just a quick update for this site in general;

I will try to do a shop update for my miniatures once a week rather than adding pieces to the shop at random times. There will be a shop update today (Friday the 15th) and after today, the small, pink banner at the top of the page will have the date for the next one :) This is only a test run, but I'm hoping it'll work out. New sticker designs may still be added at other times ( but these can be restocked if sold, so that doesn't affect anyone's chance to order) ^^