My miniature ceramics are something I'm often asked to make a tutorial for, and it's actually something I've been planning on making a tutorial for, for quite some time. I'll admit that it's also one of the tutorials I was dreading to record, not because I didn't want to!, but because I want it to act like a 'beginner's guide' for anyone who might not know much about ceramics but would like to make some for their miniature projects. I want to add in as much information as I can about the tools I use, products I recommend and products I might not recommend as well as share how I fixed a recurring glaze problem in case someone else is having the same issue.

I started recording the tutorial a months ago but ended up scrapping most of the clips as some of them were too dark, blurry, cropped in a distracting way etc... I then recorded the clips again but still wasn't happy as they were meant to show, probably, the most important part of the process.

I then recorded the clips again last week - success! - on to filming the next part.. And oh, the struggle! I woke up to an error message yesterday on the display on my kiln for the first time ever. I've had the kiln since 2014, I believe, and I knew the day would soon come, where I was going to need to replace some of the elements inside.. Of course, as ironic as it could be, it happened to be now, as I'm working on the tutorial.

Luckily I had all the most common spare parts on hand, and after much complaining and struggling with figuring out 'how to' and using the wrong tools (unable to find the proper tools in my boyfriend's assortment) which made everything a lot more difficult, the kiln now has a new relay, new heating elements (which were the cause of the issue) and a new thermocouple.

I'll be glaze firing tonight and filming the remaining bits and pieces of the video today/tomorrow, as well as hopefully start putting the video together and doing the voiceover tonight when my boyfriend is at the movies with a couple of his friends :)

This tutorial will cost more than my other tutorials - but as always it'll be eligible for streaming an unlimited amount of time once purchased, and I will of course try to help you with any questions you may have about anything I talked about in the video.