Quick update. I had hoped to list a few pieces today but they will be listed either tomorrow (Monday) or Tuesday. The reason for this is, that I wanted to tell you that shipping prices will change. Unfortunately, at the beginning of a new year, the post office here tends to raise the prices, which means I have to do the same.

It's nothing major, but these are the new shipping prices for my website;

0-20$ = shipping at 6$ (previously 5$)

20-50$ = shipping at 8$ (previously 7$)

50-80$ = shipping at 10$ (no change)

80$ and up = shipping at 15$ (no change)

Tracked order; 24,5$

Please note that these prices are for what is marked as 'the rest of the world'. Shipping prices to Denmark has not been affected. Shipping to Italy and Bulgaria only offers 1 option (tracked order) and will remain at the above mentioned price point as well.

Furthermore, the last tier (100$ and up) has been removed, and the last tier is now 80$ and up.

I will no longer be able to offer an automatic upgrade to tracked shipping when an order is above 100$. If you wish to have tracking added to your order, please select this during checkout. **This does not affect orders to Denmark.

A few listings (eg. the portrait dolls) will have an automatic tracked shipping upgrade - this will be stated on the listing.

Thank you so much for reading.