Day 1078 of Covid? who knows - hope you're all doing well, even if this pandemic is lasting for longer than initially expected.

I will say though, that one positive note about this year (which it seems a lot of people agree should just be removed from the calendar all together) is that it's been the coldest summer here since the late 70's (I think), which is helpful when it comes to my level of productivity, so at least that's something.

The main thing I wanted to just make a quick update about is the fact that I'll be doing an experiment. I'll be disabling 'PayPal' as a mayment method on my site. It's not due to any serious issues but moreso to make things easier for me as well as my customers, hopefully.

Disabling PayPal will make the bookkeeping on my end a lot more simple and easier to manage - which admittedly is the main reason. When a payment goes through their service, I'm not able to see all the numbers I need in one place and frankly, it's time consuming having to keep up with which transaction belongs to which order, converting the currency into DKK etc.

Having the payments go directly through my website will fix all the annoying little issues on my end AND make it a lot easier for me to refund excess shipping for any combined orders - which means that customers will receive the refunds faster and not having to deal with money being put back into their PayPal accounts rather than their bank accounts.

I am also working on sorting out the fact that tutorials are no longer available on my site. The only existing tutorial that might return is, as I've mentioned previously, the ceramics tutorial. Anyone who has already purchased any of the other videos will continue to have access to those, but they won't be made available again.

At the moment I'm trying to figure out if I'm able to stay with my current website host (UK based), or whether I have to move to a different platform in 2021. As soon as I know more, I'll update you here on the blog. If I'm able to stay on this platform it means I might be able to have some fun with some new features that were recently made available on this platform :)