I took this picture a few days ago. A combination of fruit/vegetables I still had at home and a couple of unshipped orders. Since I rarely get to take pictures with this many items within a theme at once, I couldn't help myself. I love how it looks when all the individual pieces come together.

I actually started working on both the lettuce and carrots in the beginning of last week, but only finished a couple. Managed to finish the carrots this weekend and am almost finished with the rest of the lettuce *success*. I might make a few more carrots this upcoming week though, just because.

Very much in the mood to make more fruit/vegetables at the moment - I think I just need some color to brighten up the dark and gloomy days. Got a couple of great suggestions for fruit/veggies on instagram and facebook, so I'll probably make at least one or two of those soon.

The lettuce will be up this upcoming week as well, for those interested :)