I'm so happy May is over - had some busy days near the end of the month,. Still have some things to get done, but I feel a lot less stressed out about it. A few days ago I was working on pizzas but couldn't find a specific tube of paint - I've since then gotten a new tube but I still haven't found the old one! no clue where it's gone and it's one of my favorites so considering how frequently I use it, I can't wrap my head around the 'disappearing paint magic trick' it's trying to pull on me..

Now, rather than going out into the sun on a hot summer's day (I don't enjoy heat), logically I decided to start working on a different project - a cat! *obvious choice when you can't finish your pizzas, cough*.

Both cat and pizzas will be listed in my shop tomorrow (Tuesday June 5th) together with some pancakes and maybe something else if I manage to finish it in time :)

Also recorded a video for the pizza - though I need to edit the airplane tutorial first *hopefully tomorrow* :)