*Because I'm trying to get better at updating the blog*

Currently on my desk :)

Been working on miniature onions. I had to go back and look through my old miniature pictures,. - Highly recommend keeping pictures of the things you create, if you make any type of art or craft, so you can keep track of your progress. I still have a small box of some of my first miniatures from 2011! It's crazy to me that I've only made onion twice before. The first time time I made onion like this (not counting the red onion I made in 2019) was 2011 and the last time was in 2014.. and not just because it's been a while, but because it's one of those veggies that you use ALL the time when cooking.

Still need to finish up quite a few more, as well as some peeled halves, before I can list them. I need enough to finish the small arrangements as well as a few onions to add to other pieces.