I mentioned that I was working on getting some ceramics ready for the site, and I sure am - these came out of the kiln today. I love the rainbow of colors - always reminds me of a vintage or retro kitchen when put next to each other like this and I love it! You may have seen me make those oval cooking dishes before, and though they might look the same, it's actually an 'improved' version; you see, one problem I had with the other ones was that they were too small to properly fit things like fish or even a roast chicken - and though you may still not be able to fit some things into them, it's really nice with the extra room!

I also love playing around with effect glazes and I've purchased quite a few new ones recently that I've grown extremely fond of. These are some of the new ones. The first one is one of the first glazes I ever purchased (this is a new tub, different brand, but effectively the same thing) - it's a lovely dark brown with areas of glittery gorgeous-ness. The second one is new - it has a strange look to it which I quite like, and it looks like 'oil spill' in the areas where the glaze is thicker. The third one, green, isn't technically a new glaze,. I bought it as one of my very first glazes and never liked it - it didn't do well with the first brand of clay I used and came out like a solid, dark green. It's quite fun how the same glaze can look totally different on different brands/types of clay. One of my favorite glazes, as an example, looked horrible on the second brand of clay I tried (No longer able to get my hands on the first brand) so I might have to dig it out from the dark and test it on the clay I'm currently using. The last one,.. well,.. in my opinion; the star of the show. It's a gold-bronze with a slight crackly pattern on the surface which makes it look kind of as if gold leaf had been applied. I like that it's rather dark in color so it's not too 'in your face bright' - yet it still has the most beautiful, eye catching shine - can you tell I'm in love with that one?

I am crossing my fingers that there will be a couple of days next week with cooler weather so I'll be able to fire another batch, I wanna make sure I have a decent selection for the site as well as a good selection for myself *mwaha*

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