Maggie Smith /Mrs. Crawley 1:12th scale miniature doll

1:12th scale doll inspired by Violet Crawley played by Maggie Smith from the popular series Downton Abbey.

This doll has been handsculpted using polymer clay - no molds were used in the process of making the doll and no molds were taken.

The hair is made of grey alpaca fibres and little pieces of purple sapphire has been glued in place for the earrings.

I do not guarantee perfection but I do guarantee that this piece is made with love.

The arms and legs of the doll can be posed gently due to the wire armature - however, repeated/excessive posing can lead to breakage, please be cautious. The outfit is not removable. This particular doll has a stiffened dress and will not have much options as for posing the legs. It is not suitable for being seated.

This is a piece for adult collector's - it is not a toy.

The dolls come with a clear stand as it does not stand on its own.(this particular doll does stand on its own in the photo, because of the way the legs have been arranged as well as the stiffened dress)

This piece will be shipped out within a week due to extra measures taken for the shipping and packaging.

If you wish to submit smaller monthly amounts, I would be happy to set up a payment plan.

The last image features the Maggie doll together with a standard dollhouse doll for size comparison. They are approx the same height - the standard doll is slightly further back :)

For further questions or information please do contact me.

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