Miniature kitchen (incomplete, please read below)

If you haven't read the original blog post about this project, please check out the link below. Otherwise, hopefully the description on this listing will include the most important information to help you make the decision if this is something you wish to purchase.

For the longest time I've wanted to create a miniature kitchen to use as a photo prop when taking pictures of my miniature food. Though I'd started working on one, I decided to stop and redo it in order to be able to create a video series showing the process of how to make it.

When are videos posted?: This video series will run over the course of a number of months (not able to say exactly how long or how many parts it'll include) and I guarantee 2 updates per month until completed.

Price: Each time a new video is added, the price will increase with a couple of dollars until the total price reaches 30-35$ (if I don't create a dining table and seating for this series, it'll stop at 30$. If I add a tutorial for a dining table and seating, or decide to throw in something else, the price will stop at 35$.

What will the project include?: It will be a miniature kitchen, which is made to be used as a photo prop. This means that not everything will necessarily be functional (drawers and cabinets may not be able to open and lighting may not work (as these are functions I don't need). Though I won't include all the 'nick nacks' of a kitchen like a microwave, coffee maker, potted plants and other small pieces of equipment, here are things you CAN expect to see;

A scene/room made up of 2-3 walls and a floor (one of the walls will include exposed 'bricks'), kitchen tables, hanging kitchen cabinets, sink & faucet, stove/oven (that opens), shelving, fridge (that opens), faux lamps as well as a few other items and 'decor'-type things.

Materials: I will be working with a variety of materials including: wood, metal (and soldering), plastic (may use my vacuum forming machine), fabric itc. When using electric tools, I will be showin a close up, saying the name and perhaps some pieces of information about the tools.


Currently available/uploaded:

- pt.1: speedpaint video. approx 7min. Simple illustration, showing the look I'm going for and explaining why I chose this style.

- pt.2: Creating the base for the kitchen. approx 9.30minutes

- pt.3: Creating a brick wall (exposed brick wall). Approx 9.25minute

- pt.4: Kitchen table. approx 12 minutes


Tutorials are made to be streamed and viewed on my website. Once you purchase a tutorial, you'll receive an email with a link which will act like a key to gain access to the video.

Because you gain immediate access to the tutorials once the transaction is complete, there are no refunds for tutorials.

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